We help business achieve sustainable development for enhanced outcomes.


To leave a legacy of sustainable businesses in the communities where we operate.


Innovative & Inclusive: Through applying our unique LINC model to create market-based solutions with measurable impact, we can design with all our customers in mind. This human-centred approach – where we embrace our differences from culture, gender or ideology – creates a pathway for creative problem solving and innovation.  


Entrepreneurial & Sustainable: Challenging conventional wisdom, testing assumptions, bridging sectors, and embracing change to take measured risks and develop sustainable pathways to livelihoods.


Genuine & Grounded: When it comes to engaging with clients, partners and community members, authenticity and practicality is paramount in empowering generations to come.

Empathetic & Compassionate: Seeking to understand the needs of everyone we work with. Seeing things from their perspective means designing and implementing projects suitable for their community.


Open & Ethical: Remaining open-minded and curious when designing solutions to address systemic causes of poverty, while guided by our moral compass.


Enabling Transformation: Transformation cannot be realised without execution. We work on the ground tenaciously, questioning the status quo and exploring the systemic changes needed to create new opportunities.


We believe that when people have freedom and choices, they can work towards a better life for themselves, their families and communities. We want everyone to have the chance to participate in the marketplace, to feel like they’re equipped to trade, and to have ownership over their future. We believe everyone should be treated fairly and be treated with dignity; given opportunities without obligations, and the chance to grow their income without needing to take big risks.


Sadly, this is not the world we live in today. We see entire rural communities with no market access; whose options are extremely limited, with no obvious solutions in sight. We see families locked in generational poverty, not just short of money but also the assets, rights and systems that every person deserves. We see challenges that aren’t solved by handouts, but instead require creativity, local ownership and leadership.

There are over 500 million smallholder farms worldwide, and more than 2 billion people depend on them for their livelihoods. And, we work for them.