Brad Rudduck

Senior Consultant - Digital

With a background in Engineering & IT, Brad has worked across a wide range of industries from Telecoms, Finance, Insurance, and organisation sizes from start-ups, SME’s and corporates over 20 years. Brad’s experience and strengths lie in the ability to break large complex solutions down and find solutions that meet each unique situational constraint. A strong focus on the usability and simplicity for users, as well as the success criteria for the organisation, has helped Brad influence the outcomes of both large and small projects.

After his Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree, Brad started his career in telecommunications, from international telephony to the internet and then to support operational and business support systems across a range of businesses, mainly in a business analyst role, bridging business users and technologists. Over time, industries & geographies have led to the roles moving into leadership and management around solution delivery and solution architecture.

Recently an advocate for CRM based solutions (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce), leveraging the power of the platform to solve many different business processes quickly and cost-effectively.

How does Brad want to make a difference?

Brad Rudduck.jpg

“To leverage technology to help others achieve.”