Eliud Korir

Senior Manager, Livestock and Stockfeed

Having worked for companies Kenya Bixa and Kenchic, Eliud has more than twelve years' of hands-on experience in poultry production, brand development, and training and developing of poultry based agribusinesses. In addition, he has worked for two years in poultry-based livelihood projects in the Horn of Africa and Central Africa.


As the person in charge of Business for Development’s poultry and stock feed program in Kenya, Eliud is focused on putting in place strategies to bring inclusive business stories to impact the lives of those in the world who are resource-poor. This is accomplished by engaging business with the ultimate goal of building a sustainable non-exploitative poultry supply chain.

How does Eliud want to make a difference?


"I would want to make a difference by building agribusiness strategies that have a long-term impact on businesses by ensuring successful outcomes. These strategies will be used to adopt the inclusive business strategy as a norm in business interactions and to create equal opportunities in Africa and elsewhere in the world."