Meg Kauthen

Sustainability Designer Marketing & Communications  

Since 2006, Meg has worked in the International Development partnerships space, first at UNICEF and then with Plan International Australia. Curiosity drove Meg to understand how the business and development sectors can work together to achieve shared outcomes – both a positive impact for the community, while also ensuring a business was improving its bottom line. Working with Accenture, she reviewed how businesses can be involved in development. The study demonstrated new ways to partner with the business sector to achieve sustainable impact.

Business for Development was one of the first Australian organisations that tackled this fundamental question – what’s the role of business in development? In 2016, Meg joined the organisation to work in this exciting space. Here, she has worked with the resource and agriculture sector to:

  • Research and analyse commodity value chains and design market-based solutions to improve livelihoods for people living in developing countries. 

  • Conduct in-the-field studies to understand what people desire and how the project can meet their needs.   

  • Liaise with stakeholders including the resource sector, buyers, governments, NGOs, and other value chain actors.

  • Apply a Human-centred design approach to project design and provide advice on gender and child rights. 


Each Business for Development team members adds a unique skill to achieve the desired outcomes. Meg’s lens adds an important perspective on what community development strategies can be applied to a programs’ strategy.

How does Meg want to make a difference?


“I believe lining up business strategy with international development objectives can have a profound, long-term impact. I want to bring inclusive business stories to life so that eventually working like this becomes less the exception and more the norm.”