Author: Meg Kauthen, Sustainability Manager

It is with great pleasure we welcome Isidor Tisok back to the Business for Development team. Isidor will be working with Noel Kuman on the Community Piggery Enterprise in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Isidor first started working on the Community Piggery Enterprise program in 2014 at the Alstonia farm, near Port Moresby. Here pig feed regimes, pig genetics for tropical conditions, and smallholder pig husbandry techniques were trialled. A key focus of Isidor’s work at Alstonia Farm was developing the right feed regime. Work was executed to maximise the use of Highlands sourced feed ingredients including kau kau (sweet potato) and cassava to reduce production costs and provide a nutrient rich growth formula comparable to expensive feeds. A range of feeding regimes were created to determine the most economic and appropriate to the Highlands to ensure community returns will be sustainable and profitable.

After the feed trials, Isidor expanded his skill base and joined Mainland Holding Limited (Niugini Tablebirds) poultry farm. Here he increased his husbandry knowledge as a Poultry Supervisor and Hatchery Manager.

Gaining skills in all aspects of feed formulation, pig and poultry husbandry, and overall farm management, we are very lucky to be welcoming Isidor back! In 2020, the program partners (a combination of local landowner companies and Oil Search Limited) share a vision – to create a transformative piggery investment delivering both commercial and community outcomes in the Highlands. With Noel and Isidor at the helm, the project is in the right hands to achieve their vision.

For further information on the Community Piggery Enterprise program click here.