Saumu Mohamed

Administrator & Business Analyst, Kenya

Saumu is the backbone of the Kenyan team. Not only does she support all aspects of administration and manage requirements at a project level, she also uses her strong interpersonal and communication skills to be the Business Analyst in the application of new technologies for the Kenyan team.  

Using technology and applying in-country is key to ensuring all Business for Development projects achieve effective, desired outcomes. The Kenyan team are the first to apply a new smallholder farmer digital system, and Saumu’s strong motivation and ability to take-up new skills is key to the deployment of these new approaches.

Saumu deciphers both quantitative data and qualitative farmer and team insights, to suggest practical ways to improve newly deployed technologies.   

She is a highly versatile and confident individual with a team player spirit. Saumu is a welcomed addition to the team, and is core to connecting and motivating staff, farmers, NGOs, local governments and the private sector to work together to achieve strong, sustainable impact.  


How does Saumu want to make a difference?


“My desire is to be an agent of change for the organisations I work with. I want to learn, grow professionally, continuously attain success, become a better person and be able to give back to society.”